Stacker Review


Stacker is a NoCode tool that lets you create web applications using data from Google Sheets, Airtable or SalesForce. Stacker was founded in 2018 by Kenrick Vaz, Louis Barclay, Michael Skelly, Neil Coutinho and Sam Davyson. It is primarily targeted at people who are looking to create internal tools and customer portals using their data.

Stacker Use Cases

Stacker supports a variety of use cases, such as the following.

  • Membership or Informational Portals
  • Directory Type Applications
  • Workflow Management Systems
  • Project Tracking Web Applications
  • Requests and Queue Portals
  • Resource Portals
  • Catalogs of Data
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications

Stacker Editor

When creating an application using Stacker you start by connecting your data source. You can connect Airtable, Google Sheets and Salesforce. The editor allows you to customize your app and determine which data is displayed and how it is presented. When creating your pages of data you can set how you want the data laid out, by choosing Card, Rows, Board, Table or a single record only.

Education and Community

Stacker has comprehensive documentation but they lack a forum or community.


Stacker does not provide a free tier and instead their cheapest pricing level starts at $79 per month when paid monthly.


Stacker does not provide an API and has a limited number of integrations. They do have a feedback site provide a page showing their road map and they let people propose and vote on features.

Paid Options for Building on

Stacker maintains a directory of experts who you can hire.


Stacker is very easy to use but is also fairly limited in a number of ways.

  • You are limited by the API limits and database limits of Google Sheets or Airtable.
  • Stacker is limited by how much you can customize your apps and while they let you vote on features and do share their roadmap you need to wait for Stacker to release functionality.
  • There’s no free tier like other app builders such as


There are several alternatives to Stacker.

  • Glide: If you are using Google Sheets or Airtable then Glide may be a good alternative. It lets you build progressive web applications that have the look and feel of a native application without the overhead of building on those platforms.
  • Softr: If you are using Airtable for your database then the clearest alternative would be Softr.
  • AppSheet: Made by Google, AppSheet is a powerful app builder that creates a progressive web app (like Glide) and that lets you interface with data from Google Sheets, Excel or SQL Server.
  • Bubble: If you don’t need your data in Airtable or Google Sheets or are comfortable using an API or Zapier to interface with that data then Bubble provides the most flexibility for building your apps.


Stacker was founded in 2018 and is definitely a less mature NoCode tool than some of its competitors such as Glide or Bubble. However, it does excel at letting you easily create web applications for specific use cases.

The following table summarizes this Stacker review.

Use CasesWeb Apps Built on Google Sheets, Salesforce or Airtable DataStacker can be used for creating customer portals, custom CRM’s and internal tools as well as other types of applications that rely on data in a Google Sheets or Airtable database.
Offers Free Tier / TrialNoThe cheapest monthly plan is $79 per month. However, they do provide a free 30 day trial.
Community0/5Stacker does not have a community.
Educational Resources3/5Stacker has detailed documentation but otherwise it is limited in its educational resources.
Extendable Via CodeNoStacker is not extendable via code although it does not seem to target the demographic of NoCode developers who are interested in that level of customization.
Template Ecosystem0/5There are no templates available for Stacker and you are limited to the visual appearances that Stacker provides.
API0/5There is no API available for Stacker although it has been requested as a feature. A Zapier Integration is currently under review.
Freelance Developers and Agencies Specializing in ToolYesThere are currently 10 experts listed on the Stacker Experts page.
Founding Date2018Kenrick Vaz, Louis Barclay, Michael Skelly, Neil Coutinho and Sam Davyson