AppSheet Review

Overview AppSheet is a very affordable app builder that lets you create mobile and desktop apps using NoCode. It is made by Google and is part of the Google Cloud ecosystem. The tool is primarily geared towards businesses that want to create apps for internal use. Data for AppSheet is […]

Stacker Review

Overview Stacker is a NoCode tool that lets you create web applications using data from Google Sheets, Airtable or SalesForce. Stacker was founded in 2018 by Kenrick Vaz, Louis Barclay, Michael Skelly, Neil Coutinho and Sam Davyson. It is primarily targeted at people who are looking to create internal tools […]

Softr Review

Overview is a NoCode platform for building web applications and web sites using an Airtable database. Softr lets you build applications for a myriad of use cases, such as client portal, marketplaces, e-commerce applications and workflow management systems. Even simple marketing web sites can be built using Softr. The […]

Airtable Review

Overview Airtable is a NoCode tool for creating relational databases using an interface similar to a spreadsheet. It’s more powerful than Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets in that it allows you to create relationships between your buckets of data. Configuring tables and linking them is done through a visual interface. […]

Adalo Review

Overview Adalo is a NoCode tool for creating both web and native applications. Their stated goal is to make creating apps as easy as creating a slide deck. The editor uses a simple drag and drop interface that lets you create pages as though they are slides. Adalo was founded […]

Glide Review

Overview Glide is a NoCode tool for building web applications. These apps use a spreadsheet for their data and they currently support Google Sheets, Excel or Airtable for the data store. Glide creates progressive web apps which very similar to native applications in their appearance. Glide excels at creating great […] Review

Overview is a NoCode tool for building web applications without code. It is built by Bubble Group, Inc. which was founded by Emmanuel Straschnov and Josh Haas in 2012 and is based in New York. Emmanuel and Josh bootstrapped the company for seven years before raising 6MM from SignalFire […]

An Introduction to NoCode

NoCode is revolutionizing how applications are being built. It is allowing anyone with basic computer knowledge to translate their ideas into websites and applications. In the past, building an application required either learning how to write code or hiring a developer to do it for you. NoCode has changed this […]

How to Test Your NoCode App Like a Boss

The promise of NoCode is appealing in that it allows anyone to create web, mobile and native applications without having to learn a traditional programming language. Filling out a form and using your mouse to configure an application has an exponentially lower learning curve than learning how to write programs […]

The Creator Economy & NoCode

While the Creator Economy and the NoCode movement are related they are indeed separate. The creator economy is comprised of individuals who are all independently building digital businesses. These creators can be social media influencers, videographers, bloggers as well as the people building software that helps them produce, distribute and […]