AppSheet Review

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AppSheet is a very affordable app builder that lets you create mobile and desktop apps using NoCode. It is made by Google and is part of the Google Cloud ecosystem. The tool is primarily geared towards businesses that want to create apps for internal use. Data for AppSheet is stored in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, SmartSheet or SQL Server. Because it is a Google owned-tool, AppSheet has tighter integration into Google Sheets than some other similar tools. For example, you can create an app by going to Tools -> AppSheet -> Create an App directly from the Google Sheets interface. AppSheet was founded in by Praveen Seshadri and Brian Sabino in 2014 in Washington.

AppSheet Use Cases

AppSheet supports a variety of use cases, such as the following.

  • Inventory Management
  • Project Tracking and Management
  • Shipping and Logistics Applications
  • Accounting and Expense Management
  • Workflow Management Systems
  • Events Management
  • Human Resources Systems and Employee Management
  • IT Ticket Management

AppSheet Editor

With AppSheet, you can start creating an app from scratch, using a template or using an existing datasource. For each sheet or table AppSheet creates a CRUD interface that provides access for creating, retrieving, updating and deleting data. Similar to how Glide works, AppSheet creates a progressive web app that can be installed on your mobile devices home screen.

Education and Community

The AppSheet Creators Community is part of the Google Cloud Communities site. While the site reeports 54,900 members the AppSheet section is only one of many on that site. The forum though is relatively active.


AppSheet is one of the cheaper app builders, with a generous free tier and paid plans starting at $5 per month.


AppSheet includes an API that lets external web services manage the data within AppSheet apps. The REST API supports adding, updating, deleting and retrieving data. Additionally, you can call actions from the app. AppSheet also supports making outbound API requests by calling a webhook. For simpler integrations Zapier is also supported.

App Templates

AppSheet has a searchable template library that makes it easy to get started with creating an app. This can be a quick way to get started if you have a use case that is similar to an existing template.

Paid Options for Building on

AppSheet has attracted a number of freelancers and agencies who specialize on the tool. Additionally, this site, NoCode Guides, has AppSheet developers who are available for both development and mentoring.


AppSheet does not support apps that work on huge datasets. The compressed data size must be les than 5 MB or 10 MB, depending on the device. Additionally, the spreadsheet provider that AppSheet interfaces with will also have limits on the data that they support.


There are several alternatives to Stacker.

  • Softr: Another app builder, Softr lets you easily create apps.
  • Stacker: Lets you easily build apps using NoCode.
  • Glide: Glide lets you use Google Sheets or Airtable for your data and lets you build out progressive web apps that run on mobile devices.


The following table summarizes this AppSheet review.

Use CasesWeb Applications (Primarily for Internal Business Uses)AppSheet is a powerful app builder that lets you create applications from data from a wide range of datasources.
Offers Free Tier / TrialYesThere’s a generous free tier to get you started and only $5 per month for their cheapest tier. The most popular tier is only $10 per month.
Community2/5While there’s a community for AppSheet it’s definitely not as active as the one for Bubble, Glide or Adalo.
Educational Resources0/5AppSheet does not include a way to add custom code. AppSheet has comprehensive documentation and also has a library of videos tutorials to make learning the tool easier.
Extendable Via CodeNoSome users use Google Apps Script to make changes to the underlying data but this is a separate Google tool outside of AppSheet.
Template Ecosystem3/5There is a template library but it’s maintained by AppSheet itself and the community cannot add their own templates.
API5/5AppSheet has an API and also supports making calls to web hooks (external API’s). There is also a Zapier integration.
Freelance Developers and Agencies Specializing in ToolYesThere are professional AppSheet developers and agencies that you can hire for projects.
Founding Date2014Praveen Seshadri and Brian Sabino

AppSheet Experts

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