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Timezone: Europe/London
Hello my name is Scott, I have been using Webflow for 3+ years, and have worked with clients of all sizes from diverse industries across the UK, Europe, Canada, and the US. I have built landing pages, websites that use animations, third party integrations and more. I am a Webflow certified expert. My background includes agency and freelance graphic design experience, with a history of leading interactive and digital design projects to acclaimed completion. I have extensive experience creating a wide range of brand collateral and digital assets for startups and businesses of all sizes. I specialise in front end design and Webflow builds, and develop tailored solutions based on the project requirements.
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Member since September 2021

Review Room - Legal Tech

Project scope: • Landing page design & development. • Platform/product design • Brand extension I worked to extend the basic brand assets already established and create a visual language that reflected the freelance/business applications that made up the key USP of the Review Room legal tech platform.


Project scope: • Website development and prototyping • Illustrative technical look • Interactive product map • Brand extension Website design & development - I created and animated key visual assets to effectively communicate Stratos’s value proposition through their product roadmap. Illustrations which follow the current crypto aesthetic were utilised to reinforce the sector as well as extend the brand.

Sea Studios

Project scope: • Website design & development • Responsive design • Video content I worked to extend the basic brand assets already established and create a visual language that reflected the SEA Studios brand philosophy. Use of video and key brand graphics to reflect the fun and vibrancy of SEA Studios, showcasing their work and expertise through client testimonials, animation and interactivity that guides the user journey.

Red Lizard Publishing

Project scope: • Website design & development • Responsive layout (mobile friendly) • Brand extension For this project I had to design and build a site that allows parents and children to download activity sheets, watch video tutorials and learn about upcoming children's books released by Red Lizard Publishing.

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