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UI/UX specialist who loves designing digital products and websites. See more on

Vinamra (Vin) Agrawal

Currently residing in India
Timezone: Asia/Kolkata
Expert in: Figma Webflow

I am a result-driven visual storyteller and a design strategist helping businesses acquire more customers faster and tell their stories in most converting way possible, via UI/UX design strategies. I am a product UIUX designer skilled in building breakthrough design solutions for products with a track record of growing them multifold with time, both in terms of revenue and user base. I value clarity, empathy, and integrity above all else. These ideals guide my approach to problem solving and life in general. I have earned recognition as a '40-under-40' and has been a guest speaker at many design and startup events around the world, including TEDx. I’m also an On-Deck NoCode Fellow.

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$2.00/per minute
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Senior Product Designer and UX Expert

Steve Coppola

Timezone: America/Toronto Expert in: Figma

Hi! I'm a Senior Product Designer based in Ottawa, Canada. I work in UX and UI design through Toptal and also run my own UX consultancy at Input UX. I have worked in the digital design space for nearly 30 years and specialize in user experience design, design systems, high-fidelity prototyping, and enterprise product design.

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$3.33/per minute
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Figma adviser

Viktor Suszter

Currently residing in Budapest, Hungary
Timezone: Europe/Budapest
Expert in: Webflow Figma

You want effectively and quickly build your designs in Figma with components, styles and variants? You want present your design in clickable prototype? I can help you learn and master techniques to reach this aim.

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$1.50/per minute
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Figma - UI/UX Designer

AJ Picard

Timezone: America/New_York Expert in: Webflow Figma

I've been working with Figma for over 4 years now, I use Figma to design every product I work on. It also houses my startups design system file! If you need any help getting started in design or building your own design file don't hesitate to reach out!

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$1.50/per minute
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