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Agathe Dagorn - Softr expert 🌻

Agathe Dagorn

Timezone: Europe/Paris Expert in: Softr

Hi ! My name is Agathe. I'm a french no-code lover :)
I've been using softr for many projects, from internal tools to externals users portals.
I really enjoy the connection with airtable which is easy. I alway go as far as I can with softr.

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Building no-code tools for impact

Gabrielle Lods

Timezone: Europe/Zurich Expert in: Softr

I discovered Softr in 2021 and first built a 3500+ International Days directory as an exercise to get familiar. I believe the tool and the no-code environment are the perfect getaways to enable more entrepreneurs to have an impact!

I am passionate about structuring information, sharing knowledge, sustainability and innovation. Being an entrepreneur with a team (founded the Green Condom Club, vegan condoms without toxic chemicals in 2015), I have a rare combination of experiences.

I look forward to hearing more about your project and supporting you in building your Softr app but also share insights related to: business models, branding, marketing, sourcing, logistics, digital tools and emotional management.

Beyond Softr, I also work with: Zapier, Airtable, Google Sheet, Sendinblue, Parabola, Squarespace, Carrd, Appypie, Canva, Shopify, Stripe, Paypal, Quickchart,

Experienced in projects with impact, anything promoting transparency and resources sharing.

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Expert Softr Mentoring

Hiram Nunez

Currently residing in USA
Timezone: America/Chicago
Expert in: Softr

I am a well-rounded NoCode expert and happy to provide mentoring on Softr.  I am a life-long entrepreneur and have started multiple startups.

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$1.25/per minute
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Rachid Akiki, MD, MBA

Rachid Akiki

Timezone: America/New_York Expert in: Softr

I enjoy creating the structure, strategy, automation, and culture that enables scale. Connecting with a diverse patient population has been humbling and enlightening over the years. Experienced in clinical trials operations, B2B/B2C sales, team leadership, patient recruitments/developments, and executive management. Current work & research is focused on time, telemedicine, & virtual reality powered by artificial Intelligence.

I have used airtable and Softr to build great platforms for marketplaces, healthcare products, non-profit organizations, e-commerce, landing pages, personal pages, course contents, political campaigns, and marketing agencies.

I can do projects at a fixed rate and on an hourly basis. I have a team with me that helps me prioritize, delegate, and complete tasks on time. You will be in good hands.

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$4.98/per minute
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