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AppSheet Developer | Project Manager | Lean Six Sigma | ERP

Mohammed Rifad

Currently residing in Bangalore
Timezone: Indian/Mahe
Appsheet developer specialized in building manufacturing, supply chain, quality management, and production/project management applications. Certified Internal Auditor with experience in auditing Manufacturing systems as per ISO 9001.

I’m a strategic thinker with Analytical/Quantitative skills. I am experienced in Product Growth & Product Management, Project & Client Management, and worked with eCommerce, AI & Computer Vision products. Performed Product Analytics and leveraged Customer Insights. Comfortable working with Data, managing teams remotely, prioritizing Customer Insights.

Project manager with the proper mindset to learn new things during every single step.

Solid command of technologies, tools, and best practices in designing mechanical equipment using SolidWorks and engineering drawings.


Product Growth | Product Management | Agile Methodologies | Business Analytics | Data Analytics | Data Visualization | Marketing Analytics | Project Management | Client Relations | Strategy | Order Management


AppSheet Developer | Advanced Excel | Tableau | Slack | Facebook Ads | Google Analytics & AdWords | Google cloud data studio | Google Sheets | Appmaker
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$0.75/per minute

Expert in: AppSheet
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Appsheet Mentoring to Build Business Solutions using Google Sheet Data

Ron Mansolo

Currently residing in Austin, TX
Timezone: America/Chicago
If your data resides in a Google Sheet or Google Drive account you can use Appsheet to build robust internal business solutions quickly.
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$0.80/per minute

Expert in: Adalo AppSheet
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AppSheet developer & IT specialist

Wojciech Szczepanik

Timezone: Europe/Warsaw I love AppSheet and Google Workspace. I'm working at being AppSheet and Google Cloud's official partner. I'm also using Microosft Power Platform.
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$0.83/per minute

Expert in: AppSheet
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