James Pearce

Webflow Design Studio Owner in LA

Currently residing in Beverly Hills, CA
Timezone: America/New_York
Hi, I'm James. I've worked with international tech startups and industry-leading design agencies for over 12 years. During that time I've developed a wealth of experience in UI & UX design, SaaS product management & innovation, and digital strategy. Two years ago I co-founded a successful Webflow design studio in Los Angeles, working with clients such as Porsche, Fiverr International, Tiffany & Co., and the US Army. I'm passionate about innovative web design, captivating user experiences, and solving problems with digital solutions. Using the combination of Webflow and the Fiverr marketplace, I've built a six-figure business in under two years. I look forward to supporting you with my Webflow and entrepreneurial experience.
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Member since September 2021

Fiverr - Official Blog [CMS]

We partnered with Fiverr to develop their rebranded blog in Webflow and migrate 2000+ blog posts from Wordpress to their new Webflow CMS.

Fiverr - Small Business Needs Index [Landing Page]

We partnered with Fiverr to develop an animated landing page in Webflow with multi-language support.

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