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Timezone: Africa/Dakar

I'm Axel and I've been building with no-code for the last 2 years. 

I've developed multiple projects on Adalo and Airtable:

- Consumer Apps: My apps have been downloaded over 350,000 times and have around 10k MAU. 
- B2B SaaS: helps coffee shops offer a subscription and order online. All were built using Adalo and custom made APIs. 
- Airtable workflows: is a SaaS built entirely on Airtable and Integromat

I've also built MVPs for venture-backed companies using different software: Glide, Sharetribe & more. 

Happy to help you get unstuck on any problem, help you make your app faster or talk about doing a custom project for you. 
I'm based in Paris/Barcelona and I'm available on US times as well. 

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Member since April 2022

Adalo app that offers transcription services with over 350.000 downloads. You can see the app here:


Allows coffee shops to offer a subscription. Made on Adalo and serving over 20 locations.

Actors Marketplace using Airtable

Sending actors castings on a daily basis by combining airtable and complex integromat scenarios.

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