Adrian Hinojosa

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Currently residing in Monterrey, México
Timezone: America/Monterrey

I've built 30+ projects in Bubble over a 3 year timeframe; ranging from WebApps, Native Apps, Extensions, Fully fledged out platforms and multi-pages. Been developing for clients all over the world. I'd say my speciality is making Bubble projects not look like they were built on Bubble. 

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Member since December 2021


Kazooie was a hybrid project from a Mexican client; They wanted to develop a custom admin portal where they could manage all their projects, host any type of 3D web based project and get dynamic analytics from each product without the need of third party tools. I also designed, developed and polished their multipage with over 30 pages - All with responsiveness in mind, proper SEO tags enabled and modern design styles.


Radar was a project developed side-by-side with a partner no-code agency in San Francisco. It enables an easier way to keep track LinkedIn contacts activity without the hassle of having to manually scroll through an endless feed. I was responsable for UI/UX on both platform/extension, third party email design/integration and general optimization.


GreenPrint is one of the largest producers of eco-friendly biodegradable products in México. I redesigned their whole website from the ground up to better fit their brand, products & goals. Before the redesign they had an average of 300 visits a month, with 10 contact requests. After the redesign, they average over 4,000 visits a month with 300+ contact requests for distribution. Servicies offered: Custom multipage. In-house analytics without third party reliance. Custom in-house CMS. Redesigned SEO tags & lighthouse score optimization. (Upcoming) Custom E-Commerce solution with personalized product page, shopping cart & stripe integration.


Drapelo is my design agency based in Monterrey, México. Even though it's established as a Agency, in reality it's only me as a freelancer, but clients tend to prefer agencies instead of freelancers. When it was established, it was the first no-code agency available in the local market. Competing against established agency that relied heavily on traditional coding methods. In comparison with traditional alternatives, I offered 1/4 of the time to develop, 1/5 of the cost and the same quality. I gained early traction and won over big customers thanks to Bubble.

Benjamin D.

Jan 22 2022

Excellent mentoring session. Adrian was highly knowledgeable. He walked me through solving my problem and provided a wealth of additional ideas and resources. Highly recommended.