Rodrig Naska

Founder at Revido, a Low-Code Product Studio (

Currently residing in London, UK
Timezone: Europe/Rome

Product manager and designer by training turned no-coder. Currently the managing partner at a low-code product studio I've cofounded.

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The weThink platform enables organizations to measure skill competency and mastery for their employees/students/members/etc.. The app allows any organization to assess, measure, and grow necessary 21st-century skills.

Ethiks Agents

This is a project to connect Promoters, Fighters, and Agents in the MMA industry. As such, Ethiks Agents has required us to be able to build out variations of what a dashboard should look like for the various user roles that the platform supports.


Mangtas is an online marketplace similar to Fiverr or Upwork but only for teams/agencies rather than individual freelancers.


We were contracted to work with LocalSomm to fix their Stripe implementation and make it SCA-compliant as well as to make their checkout experience smoother. For such a task, I relied mostly in using the Stripe.js2 plugin to make use of their calls regarding the following Stripe API functionalities: - PaymentIntent (to be SCA-compliant) - Stripe Element (to make for a smoother experience for customer adding cards)

Jonathan L.

Dec 2 2021

Rodrig has great inside!

Jonathan L.

Nov 26 2021

Amazing input, rodrig is awesome

Douglas V.

Nov 12 2021

Rodrig offered useful insights about scalability, database design, and inherent issues with more complex Bubble implementations.