Mark Bowley

Designer & Webflow Expert

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Designer & Webflow Expert


I'm a seasoned designer and no-code developer based near London in the UK. One of the main no-code tools I work in is Webflow, which I have been using since 2020. Prior to that I created websites for small businesses in Wordpress. I have a strong usability leaning in my design skills, and enjoy helping non-designers understand and leverage basic design concepts. I'm also keen on helping people get from zero to one in no-code tools, so if you're struggling to find your way around Webflow or understand how to build without a template, I can guide you through that.

App Prototypes & Internal Tools in Glide


I love using Glide and I've built many apps for both myself and businesses. I've focussed mostly on creating either internal business tools, or MVPs of planned consumer apps for tech startups. With my design background, I have a good eye for building in usability, and for extracting brand individuality whilst using the standard Glide UI elements.


Microbrave is a web app MVP, essentially a simple toolkit built with Webflow CMS and Airtable.

Orca Design

A design business gallery website custom-built built in Webflow.

Twilight Zone Engineering

A business website custom-built built in Webflow, migrated from Wordpress.

The Home Dispatch

The Home Dispatch were a US startup looking to create a prototype of a mobile app concept, to validate the concept through user testing and to pitch for funding. Building and MVP in Glide gave them the right balance of cost, functionality and speed to market. The app is essentially a task manager, built for the home owner market and involving some fairly complex Glide filtering.

Tyler W.

May 12 2023

Mark was great and straight to the point. He helped me figure out how to get a button to open a lightbox in Webflow. I highly recommend working with him!