Manan Mehta

Glide Certified Expert

Currently residing in Mumbai, India
Timezone: Asia/Kolkata
I am the Managing Director of Modernizing Spaces. My company identifies loopholes in business workflows and creates applications to optimize their processes. I am a Glide tutor and an app developer at Apps Without Code. I am also the founder of which is a course that teachers students to build an app in hours without code.
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Member since July 2021

Water e-motion Showroom App

An app for walk-in customers at a showroom to showcase all the details such as brochures, stock, website etc. of the products on display


A Secure White-label Solution To Crisis Management Teams And Organizations

Monopoly Game

This is an app created to play monopoly on phone amongst a closed group of people. This could be used as a template to start a new game. Various features of glide have been implemented in the app. This was created during the lockdown due to COVID-19 in India. Here I have tried to use as many features of glide as possible.

Project Management - Work From Home

Create and assign projects to your teammates and track those projects with status updates along with deadlines.

Grocery App

Grocery ordering app for avoiding queues at stores. Integrated with automated notifications to inform store about new order and customer about pick up time and cash to carry. Post lockdown, this can be used as a personal ordering app for grocery stores.

Used Bikes Reselling

An app to showcase used bikes available for sale along with their specs. It has an additional tab to compare between various bikes when they are added to favorites.


An app to log accountability, partner with users, track activity, view leaderboards etc.

DJS Kronos India

An app for an off-roading ATV team to create a community for adding and participating in trails.

Reach Out!

A Platform to Reach Out for Mental Health Support without revealing your identity and never being judged!

Pluhg - Connect people without sharing their personal information.

An app built to connect people with trusted recommendations and get paid for it.


My own Glide course!

Glide Resources

My personal bookmarks of the best resources from the Glide Community.

Juliette Cleaners

An app for a laundry business based in New York which enables scheduling pickups for your laundry and creates a route for drivers daily

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