Louis Afolabi

Certified Webflow Expert

Timezone: Africa/Lagos

I am Louis, a webflow developer with outstanding knowledge on webflow. I started my journey during the pandemic and over three years I have built amazing websites, putting a smile on my client face and leaving them ahead of their competitors. 

The zeal to build website began at a young age and finding webflow was finding an hidden treasure, I have grown with the platform and will love to help other bring thier website to reality, relieving them of the stress. 

Here is a link to my potfolio that speaks best for me: louis-afolabi.webflow.io 

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Member since June 2023

Body Factory

Figma design was provided by the client, worked along side the project manager and brought it to life, It took a period of eight weeks(8) and I learnt new features such as conditional visibility and multi referencing.

Paris Osgerchian

Working on this project felt like walk in the park, only difficulty was making it have the Pinterest grid and be responsive on all devices, so many approach were available but not best for it a new item was to be added in the feature, with a bit of research and the webflow community, I was able to use the font style column and it worked.

Felt Everything

This project came in just at the perfect moment, at the first glance of the website Ii knew the client needed a snap scroll website, having played with cloning tesla website, I had the perfect knowledge to bring this to life in less than 24 hours.

Blind Spot

I had to redesign this project from scratch, the idea was to pass information with less scroll. It was a tasky projects. Made the use of z-index, horizontal scroll, hover background video.

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