Lindsay Smith

Expert Bubble Mentoring - SaaS application design

Timezone: Pacific/Auckland I've helped many people through the Bubble learning curve. My approach is to screen share and I talk you through as we solve your Bubble problems.

I'm active in the Bubble forum - tag me @lindsay_knowcode so I can see your posts quicker.

I'd like to think I can explain and demonstrate things quickly and clearly.

Availability - Ask me for a Calendly link - My Bubble plugins - Pleased to say all 5* reviews. - My Youtube Channel - Mostly about my Bubble plugins.
$1.67/per minute
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Member since August 2021

Full Enterprise SaaS application - multi tenant, multiple roles

Key features
- complex privacy rules to do deal with Tenants, Teams, Managers, Clients
- dynamic engaging dashboards
- Separation by API of two Bubble Applications
- complex scoring algorithms with a purpose built plugin

Google analytics power plugin - multiple measurement id's

A Bubble plugin for power users - Send virtual page views to Google Analytics. (+ user properties + custom events + all the off the shelf GA functionality).

Send to multiple GA measurement Ids. Useful in a Saas multi-client environment where you want each client to have their own Google Analytics Data.

60+ installs and 5* reviews.

A Bubble plugin to test URLs and extract meta data

This plugin gives you an action you can use in your workflows to test a URL is working. Can also be used in Backend Workflows for testing lists of URL's, and extracting the page title.

Richard B.

Oct 18 2021

Lindsay is a super nice guy. I did more in an hour on my app than I did in weeks on my own.

John G.

Sep 16 2021

Thanks Lindsay for another excellent call.

Roberto F.

Sep 11 2021

Lindsay is well versed in bubble, patient and an excellent communicator. He was able to understand my ideas and knew how to implement solutions. He is very good at setting tasks for the completion of milestones.

John G.

Sep 8 2021

Very knowledgeable about Bubble.

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