Kyle Heney

Glide Community Expert (Specializing in the Health Sector, Risk Management, Human Resources and Property Management)

Currently residing in Ottawa, ON Canada
Timezone: America/New_York
My name is Kyle Heney and I have been building apps using Glide since 2019. Glide allows users to deploy apps that are linked to Google Sheets in very little time with no coding knowledge necessary. Glide is easy to learn and work with and you can create an app literally in minutes! My main area of work is in the Health sector, with specialties in Privacy, Risk Management, Health & Safety, Human Resources and Property Management. In Glide, I've created several templates on their Template Store, along with several custom apps for clients. For me, developing in Glide is a hobby and I enjoy using it to help others improve on existing processes at their organizations, or come up with creative new ways of doing things. My goal is not just to create an app for you or your organization, but also to help you learn how to use Glide so that you can develop your own apps and/or modify ones that I make for you.
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Member since July 2021

Daily Time Sheet (Glide Tables Template)

This app is found in the Glide Template Store. Submit daily hours for approval by a Manager. Logic within the app prevents duplication of hours and provides the ability to submit current or late time sheets based on predefined bi-weekly pay periods. Submitted hours are also sent to a Google Sheet for further use or exporting needs. Note: the template can be modified and customized once you download it. I have worked with several organizations to customize portions of this template to include specific job positions, vacation tracking, etc.

WFW Tracker Template (Work From Work) (Glide Template)

This app is found in the Glide Template Store. Book a space to work at a physical site. Room capacities help ensure physical distancing measures among occupants. I also developed an enhanced version of this template that includes a COVID Health Check-in process as part of the booking steps. This helps to track employees' health status and can be used for Contact Tracing, if needed.

COVID Check-in and Contact Tracing

This app is not in the Glide Template Store, but is available directly from me. Provide an easy way to track workers' health status and help ensure your workplace is COVID-free! This app provides a simple way for employees to perform a daily check-in prior to their arrival at work. Once at work, employees can log their activities through the building and create a database that can be used by Managers for Contact Tracing in the event that an employee tests positive for COVID-19.

Asset Tracker

Uses asset numbers to keep track of the location of furniture, etc. at a business.

Employee Check Up (Glide App)

Here’s an app that we’re going to use for staff to check in and out of off-site locations. A “lone worker” solution was needed for our staff that work in the community and most offerings are approx. $25/user/month, which can get quite pricey when you have a larger staff (and you’re a non-profit!). The actual app (not the copy) uses Zapier to send emails as text messages (using the cell phone carrier’s SMS gateway). I found this to be easier than sending SMS directly from Zapier. The “Zaps” work on new spreadsheet rows (to notify specific Manager of a check-in) and another one on a row update that looks at a specific column — column will change to “TRUE” if employee has checked in before the set deadline, which will trigger the Zap. Another column triggers a 3rd Zap that will notify the Manager if the employee has not checked in by the specified time. This app also features an area for Managers only so that a Manager has an individual view of all their staff that have checked in. Employees themselves can only view their own check-ins and information.

Guys Weekend (Glide App)

Here’s a quick “Guys Weekend” app I made for an upcoming weekend getaway that needed to be organized. Users can sign up with their email and then can say what food and drinks they’re bringing for the event. When a meal is spoken for (i.e. Dinner on Friday), that event is removed from the “Needs” tab and added to the “Meals” tab. The app lets users edit their own user profile (not others’) and allows users to edit/delete only the items they’ve added (not others’). The app uses copies of sheets to accomplish this and relations that are linked to the user profiles. The sheets called “Copy of…” are the ones that users can edit based on their email address, whereas the sheets not named “Copy of…” are not editable and not restricted per user (basically all users can view only). Hopefully this can help others looking to accomplish a similar goal.

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