Felipe Letelier

Senior Bubble developer

Timezone: America/Santiago

Hi, I'm Felipe. After working in construction sites as a civil engineer for a couple of years, I got a job with a startup in Germany where I fell in love with web development. After living abroad for a year, I discovered the no-code world in 2019 and since then I have created many web applications for myself, agencies and my very own clients! 

Bubble experience:

  • I have been Bubbling since 2019, and have built 15+ Bubble apps over the last couple of years
  • As a former developer within AirDev's Partner program, I've worked with numerous clients to build and scale their apps
  • I have experience creating different types of applications: search engines, CMS, marketplaces, ERP, among others.


Bubble/product skills:

  • Discovery - Is crucial to understand my client's needs so we can collaboratively design the right solution. Using tools like Whimsical I create mind maps to estructure at a conceptual level both the problem to solve and the application.
  • Scoping - Either you are building a solution for your clients, your startup or yourself, it is important to define the features and boundaries of the project. This helps you to avoid conflicts provoked by miscommunication and to develop at light speed by focusing in your weekly milestones.
  • Database - The database structure is one of the most important aspects of your application, a good DB design will help you scale, meanwhile a bad setup could make your app maintenance expensive and even slow down your future development. I always design it thinking one or 2 steps ahead.
  • Security - This is a crucial aspect too, setting up good database privacy rules and avoiding hackers attacks is difficult, I can advise you of the best practices and some tools available to make your app safer.
  • UX design - I have experience not just working with Canvas elements, but also creating custom blocks for your use case. Responsiveness is difficult in Bubble, but not impossible!
  • Development - Using the best practices and Canvas framework, I develop scalable apps at lightspeed.
  • APIs - I have integrated with many third party solutions, I have even used Xano as backend and Bubble as front end. REST APIs are my speciality and I always take new challenges!


Other info:

  • I'm based in Santiago, Chile
  • I work mostly with Bubble, but I also have experience using no-code tools like Xano, Airtable, Zappier, among others
  • I speak Spanish and English
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Member since December 2021

Compare.com Healthcare app

This is a web application created to compare medical procedure prices of different hospital and establishments. The app is developed in Bubble, but most of the backend is built in Xano because this project required some heavy queries that Bubble's backend do not allow. Also, we created a Google map plugin to make it look like AirBnB and we are porting the site to the new design engine, which is wonderful (still in Beta though)!

Comapre.com EV app

This is a web application created to compare electric vehicle prices of different parts of the United States. The app is developed in Bubble, but the data is being extracted from Marketchek.com.

BGT Propiedades

This is a real state "agencie" app. The owners offer the properties they have available for rent or sale, also the offer consultancy to invest in the real state market. The app involves: - Property inventory - Lead tracking - Search map - Detailed description of the places

Dell donate to educate

In association with Dell technologies, dell to educate is a platform to help schools to receive donations to pay for new technological equipment.

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