Fela Hughes

Expert Adalo Developer and Founder of 1st Thing Apps

Currently residing in London, UK
Timezone: Europe/London
Get a jump start on building your app by letting me guide you through the process from initial concept, through building and testing, to release in the Appstore and Google play. I've worked with Adalo since early 2020 and right now have apps in the App stores ranging from fitness, through social networking to e-commerce a charity fundraising. Chat, geolocation, notifications, payments- I know how to get what you need DONE. Whether you're stuck on a specific problem or need help from start to finish, you're in a rush or you've got time- I can help.
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$1.50/per minute
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Member since September 2021

Buengo - sell it for good

OfferUp meets Go Fund Me- A 3-sided marketplace (buyers, sellers and causes) where people can sell the things they no longer need and donate the money to the causes they care about. Contains: - a full e-commerce capability - chat between sellers and buyers - take credit card payments - links to social media - in-app news feed - Geolocation- see items near you - Login with Apple and Google - Web-based User Support management console that shares the same database

Gunnar Peterson G-Train

Gunnar Peterson is one of Hollywood's top fitness trainers, counting A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Sylvester Stallone and the LA Lakers as clients. We built an app that allows you to buy his expert fitness programs and nutrition plans and enjoy them at home or in the gym in your own time. Includes: - Videos of the exercises - In-app purchases using Apple Pay and Google Pay - Link to Woocommerce to synchronise purchases made on the website - Build a shopping list of ingredients you need


A personal health management platform for people in South Africa. Features: - Find out clinics and doctors near you - Patients can request appointments and Clinics and Doctors can schedule accordingly - Filter by location, medical specialisation, price - Record your own medical history- medications, vaccinations, illnesses - Web-based management console sharing the same database for clinic use - Pill reminder for scheduling your medication using in-app notifications

Meet Friends App (Confidential)

An app that allows people to meet people with more CONNECTION. More than just another dating app, users can feel comfortable and secure in describing themselves and discovering potential new friends near them. - Matching algorithm based on distance and other factors- "see people near me" - Secure - Privacy levels based on subscription level

Daniel B

Aug 8 2022

Fela was great! Very knowledgable, and keen to help move the project forward. I'd definitely hire him again.

robert N.

Apr 6 2022

Fela was super quick to pick up on what you're trying to do and was able to immediately provide help/pointers on how to proceed. My questions were related to connecting screens to data collections and form creation.

Keiana M.

Oct 10 2021

Fela is simply AMAZING!!!! This was my first time using No Code Guides and I had a pleasant experience. Fela went above and beyond my expectations. I am currently using Adalo to launch an app for my cleaning business. I was at a standstill with my developer regarding my pricing structure, but Fela worked everything out and even pointed out some key aspects of the app that our developer had done incorrectly. I will definitely be booking with him again!