Fabio Leanzi

Glide Community Expert (Based in Italy)

Currently residing in Perinaldo, Italy
Timezone: Europe/Rome
I have created numerous Glide apps that are mainly focused on Italy. I specialize in design, automation and marketing.
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Member since July 2021


App for an Italian pharmacy.

Yakko Sushi Restaurant

App for Sushi Restaurant in Italy.


App for Italian fusion restaurant.

Sushi Top

Italian sushi restaurant App.


Italian CRM for automatic communication with clients.


App for see a Real-time coronavirus in Italy.

Roommates Band

App for a Italy rock band.

Paypal API

App that allows you to use Glide Paypal natively as a payment method.

Home Delivery of Medicines

App that allows customers to order medicines at home.

Delivery App

Restaurant app that allows you to receive home delivery. Additional features: Automatic printing of orders and sending newsletters and SMS directly from the app.

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