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Timezone: America/Los_Angeles If you feel stuck with a website that looks half-baked and unprofessional, I can help. You deserve someone you can trust to handle the web development process on your behalf. I'm an entrepreneur myself, so I know how important it is to have a website that looks impressive. I’ve spent my career working with designers, founders, and business owners. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide and a Webflow Expert, I can help you build a site with great design and a clear message.
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SecureCircle already had a site built in Webflow, but the original developer did not have a good code management system. Whenever they tried to make changes, it ended up breaking other things on the site. Eventually all of the styles and colors were no longer unified, and the site was a mess! I was hired to rebuild the entire site with a fresh set of Webflow classes and CMS items. I was able to create a brand new installation for them, and I built a completely fresh site with unified styles & classes. Along the way, I also created some Webflow Symbols and CMS items to make it super for their team to make changes and add new items to the website.


Brand: Quarterlab (https://quarterlab.com/) Agency: Solver Collective (https://solvercollective.com/) Solver Collective approached me for Webflow development for a client of theirs: Quarterlab. The designs were already built in Adobe XD, and my role was to replicate the design in Webflow. I worked with the Solver team as a whitelabel design partner. I joined their project management and communication tools for a smooth workflow. This site was built from scratch, with no template used. I'm especially proud of the interactions I built out on the mobile hamburger menu.


The team at Threads.com approached me to build a Webflow site that would showcase the new features of their communication tool. They were tired of bothering their engineering time every time they had content changes to the site; and Webflow was the perfect solution! Their design team handed off a Figma file with a high-fidelity mockup of their design. I handled 100% of the development inside Webflow, and advised them on best practices as we fine-tuned the design for web responsiveness. This project had a tight turnaround and some unique requirements; including "super-crispy images." The end result was a modern, fast, and clean platform that the entire team was happy with.


The team at Hectic was looking to end their relationship with their previous Webflow developer, and the were looking for someone new. I've taken over the role in an ongoing term, and I perform regular updates to their design & content. I also completed a code overhaul to clean up unused & cluttered styles and interactions.

Avey Creative

I built this site for client who I was helping with email marketing at the time. I designed and developed this site from scratch, using Figma for wireframing and prototyping.

Medford Sports & Events Complex

A local committee approached me to build a website for an upcoming awareness campaign. The city of Medford was considering an upcoming vote to allocate funds for a new sports & event center. The goal of this website was to educate voters on the importance of a YES ballot, and also to accept donations to the committee. Using Webflow, I built a simple website with a clean design. We were able to showcase architect designs, including a video of the fully rendered project. I also implemented a donation plugin called DonorBox to accept contributions. The ballot measures passed! This was a temporary site, and it's now been taken down. However, you can view the archived version here: https://medford-sports-events-complex.webflow.io/


Tribe.ai asked me to build out a custom template for their blog posts from their designs in Figma. The page has several unique features; including callout boxes and custom calls to action. I had to take this into account when designing the template and the CMS items on the backend.

Motion Goes Remote

This was a side project that I ran for several months in 2020. We ended up using a different platform (Mighty Networks) for our community, so this website was never used. You can see the live filtering and CMS in action by following the link to the project in the sidebar. I did the web development and integration with Jetboost.io. Branding and page design was handled by another agency partner.

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