Darren Mullen

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Currently residing in Arizona, USA
Timezone: America/Phoenix

I provide coaching/mentoring in the use of Appsheet.  I have completed projects for clients and have earned repeat business.  My experience includes linking Appsheet to Office 365, Google Sheet, and Smartsheet.  I have also used the Appsheet API/Webhook functionality when appropriate.

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Member since April 2022

Event Administration - Bike Track Testing

In Appsheet I made a couple of apps that were used so far at 2 events. The E-Bike Challenge at the Consumer Electronics Show and the E-Bike Challenge in Minneapolis . The 2 apps are related, but for different users. 1. Event Administration App - Allows the Event administrator to add Exhibitors, users, and view demographic data on a dashboard. The app is also used by event staff to register participants on site and scan RFID tags at the bike test track in order to track which attendees ride which bikes. 2. Exhibitor App - Allows exhibitors to enter in demo inventory, see which of their bikes are most popular, as well as data on the attendees who have ridden the bikes. The event administrators use this in conjunction with the exhibitors for marketing purposes.

Flight Logs Application

I have made an app for a small company which manages client's private aircraft. The app is used by pilots to enter in their daily logs for each flight, including their expenses and related receipt images. It is then used to submit reports to the company's administrators which include the trip information, owner details, expenses and the associated receipt images.

Flight Scheduling Application

For the same company as the Daily Flight Logs app, this app is still under development but will be client facing and allow aircraft owners to request a flight time. The request is approved for declined by the company's administrators and allows for pilot assignment, schedule changes and has notifications to the owners, pilots and administrators when necessary.

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