Cristian Cisa

I'll help you build your MVP with Bubble

Currently residing in Barcelona
Timezone: Europe/Madrid

I've worked since the year 2000 as a web developer, and since 2018 as a Bubble developer. I created 2 startups, and sold one. They were both SaaS. So if you are planning to create your own SaaS, I can help you build the MVP with Bubble. Having created 2 startups, I know a bit about creating an MVP, marketing, operations, sales, and so on. And if you plan to create any other kind of project with Bubble, I'll be able to help you too. More portfolio and info about me in my site:

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Member since September 2021


Fidlio is a Saas, built with Bubble, to help other SaaS and product companies to collect feature requests from their users, and plan their roadmap. Payments are managed through Stripe

La Sala de Yoga

This is an internal tool for a yoga studio, also built with Bubble. It's only for their registered users, so you won't be able to see it. With this tool, their clients can book a session, and it also works as a CRM for the studio. They manage payments, session booking, workshops, and they can also upload video tutorials for their clients.


This is an auction site for influencers. They can create auctions, and during their live streams they can share their dashboard, where you can see an animation every time there is a new bid. It's in Spanish.

Dinantia intranet

This is an internal tool for a startup. It's only for their registered users, so you won't be able to see it. With this intranet they can create and sign contracts with their clients, they also manage their team's holiday requests and a few more workflows for their daily operations.

Luis A.

Feb 29 2024

Amazing instructor. Totally surpassed expectations. Totally recommended.

Michael M.

Jan 18 2023

Cristian has been a long term mentor at this point in my career and is incredibly knowledgable as well as reliable. I'm a full time bubble developer now and still reach out to Cristian for guidance on customers projects when necessary.

Maxwell Z.

Oct 16 2022

Fixed all my problems!

Michael M.

Aug 16 2022

He's my go to guy, couldn't recommend Cristian enough!

Maxwell Z.

Aug 2 2022

Very helpful would definitely recommend it!

Maxwell Z.

Aug 1 2022

Great mentor

Michael M.

Jan 23 2022

Repeat customer, love how his mind works!

Michael M.

Jan 9 2022

Cristian is a great teacher, our startup literally works with him all the time. Worth the price for sure.

Michael M.

Dec 21 2021

Cristian is dedicated to helping you!

Michael M.

Dec 17 2021

Gold star

Michael M.

Dec 15 2021

Session 5 and still awesome

Michael M.

Dec 14 2021

Cristian is great, repeat customer of 4x and counting!

Michael M.

Dec 8 2021

Sign me up again Coach

Michael M.

Dec 8 2021

Will get repeat business from me

Douglas V.

Nov 13 2021

Cristian was able to grasp our complex project and provide valuable insights. He helped me think through interaction problems and set up Bubble to run efficiently. Recommend him and his work.