Courtney Dorward

Webflow and Business Growth Expert

Currently residing in Melbourne
Timezone: Australia/Melbourne
Hi, my name is Courtney. I’ve been using Webflow and NoCode since 2016 and have built hundreds of websites for clients, not for profits and for fun. My passion is to help my clients achieve their goals, Webflow is just a tool used to help people grow their idea or business. My background includes Product Consultant, Product Owner and Practice Manager with 32 designers in my team. I believe everyone should have the ability to create and compete online. Removing barriers for my clients to help them fix, avoid or accomplish something. Clients commonly want a site to educate their audience, sell or entertain. Sometimes a mix of 2 of these. As a mentor, I focus on 2 key areas, you and your tools. That way you’re set up to deliver for your clients and achieve your goals. I’d love the opportunity to chat, please book a time and we can refine your processes, tools and ways of approaching clients.
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Member since October 2021

Tennis Lessons Melbourne

Tennis Lessons Melbourne had a site however it wasn't enough. They weren't ranking, information was out of date and the user experience wasn't driving people to make a commitment. After working with the owners around what their ideal clients would look like and what would make them happy in their business, redeveloped an experience where making a commitment was easy for a client, and they rank highly in Google now. We used Webflow CMS, forms, tabs and interactions to make this simple and informative experience for their clients. The job is never done though, we keep growing the site with them.

Optalife Financial Services

Optalife had an old Wordpress site that was restricted to the capabilities of the theme and plugins. Over time, the site was too hard to manage and was not being used as a validation point for new clients. It didn't instil trust for such a professional service aiming to help people with their future and financial goals. We worked together on more than just a rebuild. We rebranded, gave the owners the capability to create content and manage the site with ease. We did this through the simple use of basic Webflow elements and interactions, CMS and forms.

The Biomechanics

The Biomechanics came from a WIX site with lots of amazing content. The issue was the site was not ranking, not accessible, slow to load and didn't support any scalability in the business. This was a really enjoyable project with lots of complexities. they have 2 locations, multiple services and staff that are split by service and location. We have used CMS to the most of its capability without nesting and best of all, the interface and management for the business is really easy. the result is 1 site that's split into 3 to automatically guide users to the best location for them to reduce confusion, accidental books and make navigating the site enjoyable.

Balance Books

Balance books had a very real issue with their site that so many business owners face, they couldn't edit or update their WordPress site. It was built by an agency who no longer supported the site and the custom solution was uneditable due to theme and plugin updates. The site experience was fine, so we focused on re-platforming the site and giving the owners editing capability. From there we improved the experiences and information. We used CMS, forms and interactions to design the UX and flows. The owners SEO ranking increased and resulted in more sales.

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