Ari Goldschmidt

Experienced Entrepreneur and No Code Developer

Timezone: America/New_York

I am an entrepreneur focused on nocode technology. I currently work for Millionlabs, one of the largest agencies developing nocode for startups. My expertise includes startup hypothesis testing, api integrations, and modular workflow design.

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Member since November 2023

Using Lean Startup Methodology to Validate Market Demand

Mi-blox is designed to enable flat leaseholders to save money on their ever rising and opaque service charges, removing all the hidden charges and commissions for services such as building insurance, by empowering them to claim their statutory right to manage their own building.

Building and Launching A Proptech App with No Code

Propshot helps tenants create a valid proof of property condition report before the start of any tenancy through easy, self-guided inspections. They have the vision to help people protect themselves from unfair security deposit deductions when moving out.

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