Ankur Khandelwal

Turn Your Idea into MVP using No-Code Tools

Currently residing in India
Timezone: Asia/Kolkata

I am a bubble developer and coach. I love bubble for how quick anyone can achieve an MVP and I’m always training to bubble faster while doing things in a clean way so it can be taken over by someone else.

If you’re interested or if you want to see some of my previous work to decide, contact me.

I'm active in the Bubble forum - tag me @ankur1 so that I can see your posts. 

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Have a good day and keep bubbling.

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Member since August 2021

SaaS Startup Landing Page

A beautiful crafted and creative product landing to showcase your app using color, type and our industry leading 960px - 320px responsive grid system. The go-to template for anyone who wants to save time building the visual landing page for their app - ideal starting template for any app type - beautiful and mobile responsive landing page

E-Commerce Template

E-Commerce template replicate the traditional fasion e-commerce websites. You can change it to anytype of E-Commerce website be it Grocerry, Electronices, etc. It allows selling physical/digital goods and the template integrates Razorpay for payments. Features- 1. Landing Page. 2. Trending Category. 3. Dedicated page for the brands. 4. Simple DB Architecture. 5. Razorpay Payment Gateway Integrated. 6. Responsive Design 7. Real time Order tracker. 8. Multi-Currency Support.

Marcus P.

May 20 2023

First chat was informative and exactly covered what I needed to know. At this stage I can say highly recommended.

kwa D.

May 17 2023

Not finished yet having issues with bubble domain.

Maxwell Z.

Mar 24 2023

Great tips, always good working with Ankur

Maxwell Z.

Mar 10 2023

Very helpful and professional.

Maxwell Z.

Jan 3 2023

Great mentor

david B.

Aug 3 2022

Didn't make any impact...yet.

Amar P.

Jul 19 2022

Great advice!

Eduard C.

Jul 2 2022

He is a master!

Maxwell Z.

Apr 16 2022

Ankur is a brilliant teacher and he will go the extra mile to help you out! Highly recommend it!

Maddalena F.

Mar 16 2022

Ankur is just so brilliant. I have booked many calls with him and his knowledge and professionalism is just amazing. A very talented coder.

Maddalena F.

Mar 15 2022

All I can say is wow. the mentor speed of code review and quality of calls is just amazing.

Maddalena F.

Mar 12 2022

I am just blown away by the speed and knowledge of Ankur. In less than 5 minutes he knew the problem I was facing and was already tackling it. He was explaining the steps as he was coding so I had understanding of what he was doing.

Frank J.

Mar 12 2022

Answered questions accordingly and helpful.

Brian S.

Mar 9 2022

Ankur is super helpful. He was prepared and knew the API calls we needed to make well. When we ran into things he didn't know, he referenced the documentation and updated the calls quickly. Great end result.

Chris I

Mar 1 2022

Ankur was able to help fix my error within 5 minutes. He's good at what he does

Jocelyn O.

Jan 4 2022

Appreciate the help and patience

Douglas V.

Nov 6 2021

Ankur answered my immediate questions in a logical, clear and concise way. He was courteous, and easy to work with. I recommend him to all Bubblers.