The Creator Economy & NoCode

While the Creator Economy and the NoCode movement are related they are indeed separate. The creator economy is comprised of individuals who are all independently building digital businesses. These creators can be social media influencers, videographers, bloggers as well as the people building software that helps them produce, distribute and monetize their content. YouTube is a good example of a platform that is part of the creator economy as it provides a platform for video producers to distribute and monetize their content. The creator economy is also called the passion economy.

The following are popular platforms used by creators in the creator economy.

  • Twitch
  • TikTok
  • Substack
  • Patreon
  • Only Fans
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

These platforms provide an array of ways that content creators can earn money:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Digital Content Sales
  • Tipping
  • Product Placement
  • Live Events
  • Virtual Events

The rise of the creator movement in the past few years has partially been the result in a shift that society has made towards placing more importance on people feeling more fulfilled by the work that they do and having control over how they earn money. This combined with technology creating, producing and distributing videos being more accessible has contributed to creators being able to make more money online and in many cases be able to replace their actual jobs.

According to Forbes the total size of the creator economy is estimated to be a little over $100 billion dollars. Signal Fire estimates that there are 50 million creators and around 2 million of those are professional creators.

NoCode platforms have helped the growth of the creator economy. NoCode has allowed for platforms that help create content, distribute content, monetize the content and perform business management. NoCode platforms help more people be creators as well as scale what individual creators are able to do. Web site builder platforms like Webflow and make it easy for creators to build web site and get them up quickly. NoCode application builders like Glide and Bubble let creators built custom applications to connect and monetize their relationships with their audience. These platforms have targeted people with low budgets who want to build things themselves in order to save money. This has empowered creators to be able to build more of their ecosystem themselves.

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