NoCode Statistics for 2022

NoCode is being adopted by both founders looking to build web applications as well as organizations that are looking to streamline the process for building business applications. NoCode applications can be created more quickly than traditional applications and the reality is that many applications are simple and well suited for NoCode. Even applications with complex features can often be built using NoCode tools. The following are some statistics about NoCode for 2022.

With 26% of executives naming “no-code low code development platforms” as their most crucial automation investment, it’s no surprise that this has more than doubled since COVID-19.

According to a recent survey, 82 percent of organizations are unable to recruit and retain good software engineers. The difficulty in hiring developers has made NoCode a very attractive alternative to how organizations traditionally build software. Managers, operational folks and others with specific domain expertise are able to create applications in a more streamlined process by using NoCode tools. Software developers are also expensive. In the U.S. the median salary of a software developer was $110,140 in 2020 according to US News.

Enterprise mobile apps are anticipated to grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations’ ability to create them, according to a Gartner study. This is going to put more pressure on organizations to find other ways to build the applications that they need. The low barriers to entry that NoCode provides will push organizations to create applications using NoCode tools.

According to Gartner, low-code and no-code technologies will be used by 70% of new applications created by businesses in 2025, up from less than 25% in 2020. This is a huge increase and reflects a convergence of NoCode tools becoming more popular, the difficulty in finding good software developers and the general quality of apps that can be built using NoCode tools.

According to RedHat, NoCode solutions can reduce development time by up to 90%. That’s a huge number and likely the main reason for the explosion in popularity of NoCode tools in recent years.

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