Improving User Engagement With Personalization

The Internet is saturated with web and mobile apps and NoCode has only increased this saturation by lowering the barriers to creating an application. In the earlier days of the Internet building an app was something that required investing significant time and money. This is no longer the case with NoCode tools as anyone with a minimal level of technical ability is able to create an application. The flooding of the Internet with applications has made a more competitive landscape for application developers who need to make their app stand out and gain market adoption. Almost every type of application has multiple competitors all jockeying for a piece of the user adoption pie. Personalization is one way that you can help your application stand out.

Personalization is functionality in an application that makes users feel that the app is written just for them. A great example of app personalization is how the Starbucks mobile app remembers the previous items that you have ordered, thus making it easier to place subsequent orders. Most successful modern e-commerce sites have this level of personalization. A simpler example of personalization is when an app greets you by name after logging. The following are suggestions for how you can add personalization to your app.

  1. Greet the person when they log in. Showing “Welcome, Bill Smith” in the header is a great way to show the user that you remember who they are.
  2. Remember previous orders or requests. Making it easy to reorder the same thing purchased previously on an e-commerce site or remembering the search criteria that someone previously used can be easy ways help your users save time.
  3. Show times in the users local timezone. If your users won’t just be in your timezone or the servers timezone it can be very helpful to show users a time in their browsers timezone. Showing the timezone name next to certain times can also make it easier for your users. The less you make them think or convert between timezones the better an experience they will have with your application.
  4. Allowing your users to control colors and screen brightness and other visibility settings can be very helpful to some users in having a better experience with your application. This is why you often see the ability to change the font sizes on applications geared towards senior citizens.
  5. Sending abandoned cart reminders can be a great way to capture otherwise lost sales. This is a common tactic that e-commerce sites use.
  6. Allow users to receive notifications on their terms. Giving people the ability to choose between being reminded about appointments via SMS or email can ensure that people are being communicated with on the platforms of their preference.

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