Amazon Launches AWS Honeycode for Building Mobile and Web Apps Without Code

Amazon AWS has added a new NoCode tool called Honeycode to their long list of tools that they provide. Honeycode is a fully managed service that lets you create mobile and web applications without writing any code. Apps built on Honeycode can be published to an app store through eh proprietary Honeycode app.

Solo developers as well as teams can create sophisticated mobile and web applications without writing any code. A familiar spreadsheet model is used to allow editing the app. This follows a familiar model used by other NoCode tools such as Glide.

Honeycode also offers the following templates for common use-cases which allow you to get a jump start. You may modify these programs at any time, and the modifications will be immediately live.

  • Applicant Tracker
  • Budget Approval
  • Content Tracker
  • Custom Tracker
  • Demo Schedule
  • Employee Onboading
  • Event Management
  • Field Service Agent
  • Ideation
  • Instant Polls
  • Inventory Manger
  • Time Off Repor5ting
  • Simple Survey
  • Simple To-Do
  • Team Task Tracker

Honeycode also allows you to build an app from scratch or start by importing data from a CSV file. The editor allows you to utilize a variety of components such as lists, buttons, and input fields. Honeycode also has a large number of built-in functions. The list includes several familiar and new functions, as well as those that are comparable to existing spreadsheets. For example, you can use FindRow to lookup data, similarly to how vlookup works in Excel.

Honeycode also allows for external software to interface with it through its API’s. integration using API’s. The Honeycode interfaces ease of use and low learning curve makes it a viable competitor in the NoCode space.

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